In August 2018, The Federation began Talking Treaty, a series of community meetings about the Treaty Process which will continue through to June 2019.

Sometimes co-hosted with our member corporations, the meetings were a chance to inform, engage and empower the community; Engage them by meeting face to face on the country where they live. Inform them about the process to date: where it’s at and where it’s going; and empower people to stay involved and continue to share the message to their wider community through spreading the word or organising their own Treaty Circles through the Treaty Engagement Grants Program.

The reports below are a concise account of each meeting, the themes and issues discussed and next steps for those who attended. If you would like further information, get in touch with the FVTOC Treaty Secretariat on talkingtreaty(at)fvtoc(dot)com(dot)au.


Meeting Reports