The Federation is committed to reinvesting profits from its joint ventures back into the community.  The initiatives we support are derived from our values and agreed by our members. From the dividends paid from Barpa the Federation is able to:

Develop an Aboriginal Sports Sponsorship Program

In recognition that sport is a key part of Aboriginal culture; the Federation is delivering sponsorship to Aboriginal teams in Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

Establish an Aboriginal Youth Cultural Strengthening Pilot Project

Members believe that teaching young people about culture keeps them strong and resilient against confronting challenges. This pilot project will enable Elders to share their knowledge with young Traditional Owners on Country. It is being developed with Parks Victoria to facilitate the inclusion of environmental science and management into the program.

Reinvest Resources to Grow Aboriginal Business

Members are keen to develop businesses that create employment and training opportunities for Traditional Owners and generate revenue that is independent from government funding. On Country Heritage & Consulting is the first company to be created and the Federation will be assessing further potential investment opportunities in the coming year.  

Commission an Intangible Heritage Project.

On Country Heritage & Consulting is working with Victorian Traditional Owner groups to assist with identifying, recording and mapping traditional Aboriginal stories that are associated with a place, rather than an artefact. This project will allow Traditional Owners to protect and share the significance and spirituality of a landscape for the first time.