First People Of The Millewa-Mallee Welcome Registered Aboriginal Party Appointment


First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (FPMMAC) are Latji Latji, Nyeri Nyeri and Ngintait (Nintay) Traditional Owners of Country in the north west of Victoria that runs south of the Murray River to the Mallee Highway, and west from the Calder Highway to the South Australian border, including the Murray-Sunset National Park. We have come together as to represent our rights and interests over the lands and waters of this beautiful Country. Country our ancestors managed for millennia with great care until colonisation.

After a long journey, we welcome the significant recognition of our corporation through the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council’s decision to appoint Zone 1 of our Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) application.

“I speak on behalf of the board and all our members when I say it’s fantastic to get this news before Christmas. First Peoples of the Millewa-Mallee have been waiting for a long time to take this important step on the journey to recognition and this decision is the result of hard work, resilience, dedication and patience of our people. We’ve got plans for our Country, and now we can start to really get on with it.” Uncle Norm Wilson, First People of the Millewa-Mallee Elder and FPMMAC deputy chair.

We know where our sacred sites are. We know where our ancestors made canoes, where they sang and where they danced. And we know where they are buried. Now we have the right and responsibility to work with local and state governments and other bodies and agencies to ensure that our culture and heritage are recognised and respected, and that our voices are heard and elevated.

“First Nations are very proud of what the First Peoples of the Millewa-Mallee have achieved with this important cultural heritage recognition. They’ve worked hard and deserve this appointment. We’re confident they will build on this and that formal recognition as Traditional Owners by the Victorian Government will follow in the New Year.” Tony Kelly, CEO First Nations Legal and Research Services.

We would like to thank all our people who have worked so hard and waited patiently for this decision and to the staff at First Nations Legal and Research Services for their research and support to make this possible.

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