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5-minute coffee break with…

Federation Treaty Engagement Officer - Zali Mifsud.

When did you join the Federation?

I started at the Federation early May this year.

Do you want to tell us a bit about your background?

I am a proud Gundijtmara woman who was born in Warrnambool however moved to Melbourne at a young age. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Business at Monash University and now am working as an Assembly Election Officer however have previously worked in Indigenous engagement and education through Traditional Aboriginal Games.


Can you explain what you do as a Treaty Engagement Officer? What does a typical day look like for you?

My role as a Treaty Engagement Officer is to go out to community and help with the physical aspect of enrolling for Treaty as well as have personal conversations with individuals to hear their opinions of the Treaty process as well as answer any questions that they may have about the process to better inform them of Treaty. This includes attending events within communities or getting in touch with people that have expressed some confusion about the process.


I know your work focuses heavily on the advancement of a Treaty for Victoria. Tell me, what do you think a Treaty can offer Aboriginal people?

This is our opportunity to change our future as the Traditional Custodians of this land. Treaty offers us an opportunity to let the state government know what we as Indigenous people deserve. As well as create a better future for not only ourselves but the generations beyond us. There is no limit for what Treaty can’t offer Aboriginal people so we should all collectively be taking this opportunity in our grasp and unify as one to stand strong and proud of who we are.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

This is my opportunity as a young proud Indigenous woman to have a voice and identity in the Treaty process.

To encourage others within our community to have a greater understanding of the Treaty process and to emphasise the importance in history we are creating.

To create new relationships with other Indigenous peoples across the state through a common interest and desire.


Any parting comments?

Enrol so that you can have a voice or Nominate so that you can be a voice for your friends, family and community.

Our enrolment page is www.firstpeoplesvic.org/enrol/

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land we work on as the First People of this country.