Expression of interest: seeking Victorian Traditional Owners to participate in the First Principles Review Committee





First Principles Review Committee

The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations (FVTOC) is seeking expressions of interest from Victorian Traditional Owners interested in participating in the First Principles Review Committee.

By way of background, in 2018 the State agreed to undertake a review of the template agreements which underpin all Recognition and Settlement Agreements. In response, FVTOC established the Template Review Committee, which was made up of representatives from all Traditional Owner groups who were in negotiations with the State under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010 (Vic) (the Settlement Act).

As a result of feedback from the Template Review Committee, the State undertook to conduct a further review called the First Principles Review. In broad terms the review will be concerned with issues that relate to the principles and legislation that underpin Settlement Act agreements and the State’s settlement policy. This will include examining:

i. the Settlement Act and certain aspects of government policy which do not accommodate aspirations of Traditional Owner groups; and

ii. changes sought to Settlement Act outcomes which require legislative change.

FVTOC is now seeking expressions of interest for committee members to fill the Traditional Owner-led First Principles Review Committee.

What will the Committee do?

The First Principles Review Committee will be the Traditional Owner voice for the review, and will have direct input into reviewing almost all aspects of settlement packages under the Settlement Act, including:

 how settlements are negotiated;

 how financial amounts provided in settlement packages are calculated;

 how settlement packages are designed to meet the aspirations of Traditional Owners;

 Traditional Owner rights with respect to natural resources, including rights to hunt and gather; and

 Traditional Owner rights with respect to the development of Crown Land, or the leasing or sale of Crown Land.

Time Commitment

The Committee will meet every three months (i.e. four times a year) for approximately 1-2 days, and otherwise as required. It is hoped the review will be concluded in about 12 months.

The First Meeting is scheduled for Monday 5 August 2019 & Tuesday 6 August 2019.

Meetings will be held in Melbourne, and members of the FPRC will be provided support for accommodation and a travel allowance.


Expressions of interest are open to all Victorian Traditional Owners. Traditional Owner groups can also appoint non-Traditional Owners who they employ, or who have specialised skills in this area.

However, in the interest of ensuring diverse representation, should interest be overwhelmingly weighed in favour of particular Traditional Owner groups, we may consult with the relevant groups about the most appropriate way of selecting interested representatives.


This expression of interest is open from Monday, 8 July 2019 until Friday, 26 July 2019.

Get your form in by 26 July 2019, don’t be late!

How to apply?

Please complete the form below and / or contact Valiecia Kelly-Briggs on or on 03 9321 5311 to submit your expression of interest.