The Federation stands behind Treaty Commission in decision to extend election dates


The Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission has made a commitment to extend the time-frame for the election to set up the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria. The Federation strongly welcomes this decision.

Enrolment is open for the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, a body established to be the voice of Aboriginal people in Victoria and help lead discussions as Treaty negotiations progress in Victoria.

Federation Chair Jason Mifsud said this is a further demonstration that the Commission stands in solidarity with the primacy of Traditional Owners by responding to calls for this extension.

“It’s so important we give community the opportunity to have the time to get organised, nominate, enrol, so they can step up in this historic moment,” Mr Mifsud said.

“This is what our community is all about, listening to the needs of our people and acting on those needs.

“But the emphasis is now on us as Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians to participate. The Commission has adhered to community feedback, but the onus and obligation now sits with us to step up and get involved.

“The Federation will be working nonstop to mobilise Traditional Owners.

“Now our voice has been heard, it’s time to step up, sign up, enrol and nominate as history will judge us by not what we say, but what we do.”

Enrolment is open for all Traditional Owners whose Country sits within Victorian State borders. It is also open for Aboriginal people whose traditional Country is outside of Victoria if they have lived in Victoria for three of the last five years.

Nominations will now close at 4pm on Friday 16 August 2019. While the voting period will now take place between Monday 16 September and Sunday 20 October 2019.

The First Peoples’ Assembly will be made up of 33 Victorian Traditional Owners, with reserved seats for formally recognised Traditional Owner groups.

For more information, to enrol or nominate visit

For further comment or information please contact Alexandra Sheehy on 0420 314 221.

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