First Nations and The Federation pay tribute to Dr. Bonita Mabo AO


First Nations and The Federation pay tribute to Dr. Bonita Mabo AO:

Educator, advocate, mother, activist, fighter and wife.

 First Nations Legal and Research Services and the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations would like to pay tribute to the life of Bonita Mabo and acknowledge her relentless advocacy for a reconciled and equal Australia.

 Because of Her We Can.

 As two organisations dedicated to land justice, reconciliation and strength and recognition of First People, First Nations and The Federation acknowledge the passion, dedication and stoicism of one of our great leaders.

 “The legacy of Bonita and Eddie’s work continues today with recognition in Victoria under the Native Title and Traditional Owner Settlement Acts, and soon through the Victorian Treaty process. We note Bonita’s passing with sadness and express our deep gratitude to this great pioneer.” Tony Kelly, CEO First Nations Legal and Research Services

Bonita Mabo tirelessly supported her husband Eddie Koiki Mabo during his protracted land rights battle over Mer Island in the Torres Strait. Their decade long struggle eventually overturned the lie of Terra Nullius in 1992 and paved the way for land justice in Australia through the Native Title Act (1993). Since his untimely death 6 months before the historic Mabo decision, Bonita has continued her commitment to change the status quo and shine a light into dark places of our nations’ history.

 We pay our respects and acknowledge the legacy of a social justice warrior who fought, not only on behalf of Torres Strait and South Sea islanders, but for all First Nations people in Australia.

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