Wendy Berick's #BecauseOfHerWeCan


“My Mum fondly known as ‘Guka’ meaning Grandmother in Yorta Yorta language is a wonderful matriarch of our family. She has shown love, care and compassion not only to our family and extended family but also to many other people in our Aboriginal community. Mum has always contributed to her communities and to sharing her knowledge with our entire mob and she is always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Through the disadvantage and diversity of her upbringing Mum has always spoken fondly about the love and nurturing she was provided by her family whilst growing up on the flats with little to no material items living in a humpy with dirt floors she often speaks of how these were wonderful days as she was raised and loved by all the extended family.

I’m proud because I believe this upbringing has made Mum the wonderful strong caring woman she is today. She has taught me to always be proud of your Aboriginality to show others compassion to be caring and respectful of others to continue to teach and share culture. Mum is still making emu feather skirts and necklaces and loves to gift these to other family members to build a stronger connection to our land and culture. Because of her, I can.” – Wendy Berick - NRM Subcommittee Chair #BecauseOfHerWeCan#NAIDOC2018