The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations acknowledges and commends the Taungurung People and the State Government for signing off on the largest native title settlement in Victoria’s history.

The deal, worth $33.74 million, is between the State Government and the Taungurung Traditional Owners of central Victoria. It is the first native title settlement in Victoria in five years and was officially signed off on by Attorney-General Martin Pakula on Friday morning.

Federation Chair Janine Coombs said she welcomed the news of the settlement and said she believed it would help improve economic, social and cultural outcomes for all Traditional Owners.

“This is incredible news for Taungurung, but more broadly for all Traditional Owners as it sets a precedent of what we can expect when negotiating future native title agreements,” she said.

The Taungurung settlement area stretches from Rochester and Kyneton in the west to Bright in the east and Euroa in the north to Kinglake in the south. Ms Coombs said the historic settlement reinforces and strengthens the ongoing relationship between Traditional Owners and the State.

“It helps create a pathway for further recognition and helps promote some of our key aspirations around self-determination, Treaty, economic development and sustainability,” she said.

“The Federation pays tribute to those who have worked tirelessly on this claim and acknowledge the Elders and community, both past and present that had the foresight and commitment to negotiate this settlement.”

The Taungurung settlement was completed under the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010, which allows for out-of-court native title settlements recognising the rights of Victorian Traditional Owners. It’s an alternative to litigation under the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993.

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