Janine Coombs' #BecauseOfHerWeCan


“I am very fortunate as I come from a long line of strong loving and resilient women in my family. I have my mum, one sister, and I am a mother of three children, who with their constant support allow me to do the work that I do. With this year’s NAIDOC theme being #BecauseofHerWeCan, I chose my two daughters Kaila and Kyeema. My daughters are my biggest supporters, my sounding board, and my constant reminder that it is my right as a Traditional Owner, a Community member, as a Daughter, as a Sister, as a Mother and as a Grandmother to have a voice, to stand up for my beliefs, and always remember that they and my family are my foundation. They do all of this with love, honesty and compassion. Because of them, I can. Because of them, We Can.” Federation Chair Janine Coombs#NAIDOC2018